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Adolescence is a time of tremendous discovery, struggle, and growth.
My goal is to help your child improve relationships, whether they are at home, with friends, or in your community by increasing knowledge about themselves. Through Strength Development Inventory, your child will learn what motivates others and what brings them a sense of self-worth. This process is particularly difficult for girls as they face unique challenges along the road to healthy development.

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50% Surge in Suicide Attempts

I'm not putting this out there to scare you - these are facts provided to by CDC. Suicide attempts increased among adolescents ages 12-17, especially girls. Among young girls, average weekly visits to the emergency room within one month was 50.6% higher than the same period the previous year. The study underrepresented the real number because Americans were hesitant to go to the hospitals for fear of Covid.

The pandemic uniquely impacted adolescents. Social isolation, constant uncertainty, stress, and fear have plagued their lives. Teens are hurting. We need to better for them!