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I have been an entrepreneur since I was about 10 years old, it is a core strength. Growing up, I always wanted to know what my strengths and weaknesses were but there was no one to encourage me and show me the way. I have found my way with various mentors over the years, and now I want to share what will be life changing lessons and discoveries with your child.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who has a zest for life, adventure, and helping others. I've invested in children through running my own daycare center and pursuing education regarding the special needs and challenges for tweens and teens.

I believe you can have all the degrees in the world, but not the heart to pursue what brings you joy, helping Tween/Teen Girls not only bring me joy but they also bring me energy. I hold multiple certifications in many different life coaching aspects and believe knowledge is power, but it is the heart where we will connect. My desire is to empower children with the knowledge of who they are and how best to negotiate their own lives towards a full and productive future.

My hobbies include driving my husband crazy by being a spontaneous weekend traveler to anywhere there could be sunshine! Spending time with my family and using my Photography Business to build confidence in young girls!

Kyla Goff - Tween Coach
Relationship Intelligence Certified Facilitor

Strength Development Inventory Facilitator

Certified Master Life Coach

Master Life Coach Certified

CBT Life Coach

Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certified

Happiness Life Coach

Happiness Life Coach Certified

Goal Success Life Coach

Goal Success Life Coach Certified

Life Purpose Life Coach Certified
Professional Life Coach Certified
Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach



“Kyla believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Through her ability to focus in on my strengths, she motivated me to pursue my goals and become a better version of myself. Kyla always knew right where to push to me, which ultimately led to my success. So much of who I am today both professionally and as a person is because of Kyla Goff.”