Do you have healthy roots growing or are your roots tangled? One root can cause strangulation - among other roots. How rootbound is your pot? Just like a plant, we need repotting each year to enhance growth.

Sometimes we need to pull apart and separate our roots to get to the core of our heart. Is there dirt in separation? Gobs! When once you get through to the core of the plant you realize it looks like everyone else’s plant – Everyone has feelings. We all react in a different way. Just as each root will grow in a different direction. Sometimes you may think your roots are shallow and not bound up, BUT when you break open the pot you discover some that are very deep.  

If you have one bad tangled root, it can cause the other roots to rot. Everyone has challenges – it is what you do with them.

What is the condition of the soil of the garden of your heart? Is it rocky, shallow, like hard-packed path, weedy, or well cultivated?